We carry a wide range of prescription medications that can be prescribed and dispensed to your pet. However, we do not stock all medications and sometime we will need to order these in specially. The time taken to receive this medications varies depending on whether they can be ordered in from the wholesaler, or from a compounding pharmacy. 


If you require a repeat medication please ensure that you order this well in advance before running out as not all medications can be easily accessed. Typically, allow at least 48 hours for routine medications and 7 working days for compounded medications.

Many prescription medications that are prescribed to pets are classified as Schedule 4 medications. The laws governing the prescribing and dispensing of these medications are complex, and we must ensure that we comply with these legal requirements. 

Repeat medications cannot be dispensed to patients we have not examined, or examined within the last 6 months. Certain medications are not available on a repeat basis.


If you require repeat medication please fill out the request below and we will let you know when the medication is available to be dropped off. 

Repeat Medication Request

Enter your repeat medication request below. Please include the name, strength and the amount of medication being requested.

Please list each medication individually.

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