Estuary Veterinary Clinic

Mandurah Veterinary Hospital

Estuary Vets is a new Mandurah based Veterinary Clinic. We are a purpose built small animal Veterinary Clinic catering to all of your companion animals needs.


Dog Groomers / Mobile Dog Wash

If you are looking for someone to wash or groom your dog thne look no further - Peekaboo is here. 

Peekaboo can either come to you home or you can visit them at their unique doggy day care centre in Mandurah. 


Janine and her team look forward to pampering your furbabies!

Foothills Animal Hospital

Warm Hearts For Cold Noses…

We are proud to have a working realationship with the team at Foothills Animal Hospital. 

If you furbaby is in need of surgery then we have an arrangement with Foothills where we can use their excellent facilities. In the event that your pet has to be hospitalised then we have absoloute confidence in the team 


Allsorts Dog Training

Allsorts Dog Behaviour & Training Services provides all your dog behaviour services. With more than 10 years in the dog training industry Allsorts dog behaviouralist and trainer, Debbie Coleman, will support all those residents from Mandurah to Perth who need dog training advice, support and services – from puppies, to adults and the family unit.

Coastal and Mandurah South Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Hospitals in Mandurah

We have a very close working arrangement with Coastal and Mandurah South Veterinary Hospital. Jonathan continues to provide locum services for the hospitals. 

These small animal Veterinary Clinics are happy to see a wide range of species including dogs, cat, rabbits, guinea pigs and small mammals, birds and wildlife.

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